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Today we’re interviewing Rony Elisara, owner and Head Coach at Aerial Artistry in Queensland, Australia. We caught up with Rony for a quick Q&A ahead of her joining us on our Bali 2018 aerial retreats where she will be teaching her unique workshops!

Rony is a professional aerialist and trainer and has been involved in the aerial industry for over 15 years. Alongside her aerial knowledge, she is also an experienced personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Aerial Artistry was launched by Rony in early 2011, due to the desire to share her knowledge, passion and diverse art form with as many people as possible.


How did you discover aerial?

I signed up to work at a USA Summer Camp back in 2001 and got assigned to the circus department… the love affair began from there!!


Why did you choose a career as an aerial instructor?

It felt like a natural progression combining some of my greatest passions, aerial (of course), performing and training other people (I became a personal trainer at age 18).


What do you feel most proud of?

My greatest creation is my beautiful son! But I am also super proud of my aerial school, everything it stands for and how much it’s grown since opening in 2011.



 Although having a family and running an aerial school must keep you very busy, how do you like to spend your free time and what would a perfect day look like to you?

TRAINING! A run with my dog in the morning, walk and play at the beach with my family, and then a few hours aerial training before more family time! And a few buckets of caffeine thrown in the mix there too!


What would you say is your second favourite activity?

Bar and calisthenics strength training.


Tell us what you are working on and your current goals?

An injury free 2018! Getting my flexibility back to it’s former glory and finding balance with work/family/training life.


What are the top tips you give for conquering aerial goals?

Set some smaller, short term goals and one large long term goal. Stay focused and find an awesome school/coach to help you achieve said goals!


Tell us your favourite aerial skill…

Any one arm, strength moves… strength is my forte, I love it!


…and one of your least favourites?

Dynamic and release skills – I’m a big chicken and hate letting go!


Where in the world would you most like to visit?

So many places! I’d love to visit and meet more of my family in Israel.


If you don’t follow Rony on Instagram already, you can find her here!

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